About StartCom SSL free certificates

This website has its trafic encrypted with a StartCom Free SSL Certificate. As I recently renewed a certificate, I got this information:

1. Mozilla and Google decided to distrust all 
StartCom root certificates as of 21st of October, 
this situation will have an impact in the upcoming 
release of Firefox and Chrome in January. 

Apple's decision announced on Nov 30th of 
distrusting all StartCom root certificates as 
of 1st of December will have an impact in their 
upcoming security update. 

2. Any subscribers that paid the validation fee 
after Oct. 21st can get full refund by request. 

3. StartCom will provide an interim solution soon 
and will replace all the issued certificates with 
issuance date on or after Oct 21st in case of 
requested. Meanwhile StartCom is updating all 
systems and will generate new root CAs as 
requested by Mozilla to regain the trust in 
these browsers.

I checked this on the Mozilla and Apple website. I couldn't find any information on the Microsoft website about this.

After some earches on Microsoft.com, I can link to :

I'm planning a move to Letsencrypt certificates...

More information to come.

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