Here is the error I got, when trying to sequence Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0. During the installation phase, that error message come. It was impossible to bypass: I even tried to create the registry keys manually and goes on with the setup, but... no way. 1.jpg

First of all, install the Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 on a clean workstation, without use of the Softgrid Sequencer. Once the application is ready, export the following registry key:

HKLM\Software\Classes\Installer\ Products\B1F5E89CB2C51DF4DB9F3F77D9ACAA61 .

Save it in a reg file for a later use.

Note that the registry key match with the one in my error message. This number can change, that means you will probably run into a first sequence to get the error message and be sure you will export the right registry key.

Here is the content of my Registry file:

You are now ready to build the sequence with the Package Configuration Wizard, where you need to fill in the fields respecting your standards and the Sequencing Best Practices. 2.jpg

Select some operating systems you want the application runs on. 3.jpg

Select a compression algorithm to minimize the size of the streamed application. Of course, the general rule is available: think that if you compress the application, you will generate more CPU load at the Softgrid client. 4.jpg

Then, begin the monitoring to enter in the Install Phase. 5.jpg

Import your registry file. Check the values are in the registry and run the setup.exe of the application. 6.jpg

Accept the license agreement. 7.jpg

Then, fill in the user and organization name, with your Product key. 8.jpg

Correct the installation path to redirect in your root folder. 9.jpg

Select your file types. Think that if you check *.jpg ... you will not use the "Windows Picture Viewer" anymore, and your users will complain about the slowness of the application. 10.jpg

Press Install to begin the setup. 11.jpg

Press the "Finish" button at the end of the setup. 12.jpg

Doing that, the setup program will ask for a reboot. Accept it. 13.jpg

The sequencer will intercept the reboot. 14.jpg

Click Stop Monitoring.
We observed an odd behavior that occurs when you import the registry key prior to installing Photoshop; for some odd reason, many of the files, including the program executables, are note created during the install. That's why you should follow the next steps. 15.jpg

Select your root folder. The virtual environnement will be unloaded. 16.jpg

Click to Begin Monitoring again to simulate the reboot. The virtual env. will be loaded and the sequencer minimized. 17.jpg

Run again, run the Photoshop installer, but select "Repair". This should create all missing program files fr the application to work properly. 18.jpg

When the install is completed, go to the install location of Photoshop and run the program executable to launch it. Choose "Start from Scratch". Accept the default settings for the new image Photoshop will create.

Click "Register Later". Then it finishes the load of all toolbars. Close the application once it has successfully launched. 19.jpg

Then, bring back the Sequencer and press "Stop Monitoring" to finish the installation wizard. 20.jpg

Press "Finish". ((/blog/images/2006/Softricity_SequencePhotoshop/21.jpg

In the Application Wizard, remove the duplicate shortcut. 22.jpg

Edit the two remaining shortcuts to remove all spaces in the OSD file name and simplify the version number. Here, the field "Name" is kept with the default value. 23.jpg

Launch only the main program. Not the other one, because we try to keep the Feature Block One as small as possible. In Photoshop, choose "Start from Scratch", create the image with the default values. Let the application starts, with all toolbars. Then close the application without saving the document. 24.jpg

You will then need to manually "Stop" and "Terminate" to kill the application fully, as it spawns a process which remains is the system tray.
This will add the "Terminate Children" tag into the OSD file, which you will want to disable during the streaming. 25.jpg

In the Softgrid Sequencer, click on the OSD tab and set the "TERMINATE CHILDREN" to "FALSE". You can save the sequence and import it in the SVAS. 26.jpg